Staff Council

Welcome to Mercer University’s Staff Council web page. This page represents an organization that advocates for staff by seeking out and responding to their ideas and concerns. In its representation of staff employees, the Council aims to promote better understanding, increased cooperation, and open communication among staff throughout the university community.

Staff Council Mission Statement

The Staff Council shall function as an advisory group and policy-referral body to the University Administration and to the staff it represents by providing an operational framework for discussions and communication of issues, policies, and activities relating to the staff of the University.

The Council shall promote interaction and communication among all levels of employees in the enhancement of the goals, purposes, and functions of the University community by promoting excellence in service.

Staff Council Composition and Meetings

The Staff Council is composed of 14 elected representatives who serve on a voluntary basis. Fifty percent of the Council representatives are of nonexempt status. The ratio of representation to staff is approximately 1:50. We are elected by our peers within our own apportionment (category/campus) as listed in the Staff Council bylaws.  In that listing, the campuses/centers included are as follows:

  • Atlanta Campus - Atlanta, Henry Regional Academic Center, Douglas Academic Center.  
  • Macon Campus - Macon, Savannah, Columbus, Mercer Medicine Clinics
  • MERC - Mercer Engineering Research Center

Council representatives are staff employees with not less than 1 year of full-time employment at Mercer as of June 30th of the year they are elected.  Representatives may not hold a faculty rank, have a title of Assistant Dean or higher, Assistant Vice President or higher, and cannot have served on the Council within the previous 12 months. Each representative serves a term of 3 years beginning July 1st. 

The Council meets once a month with additional meetings as needed.

When staff issues are presented to the Staff Council, they are communicated with the entire council members. If there is merit to the request/suggestion, an ad-hoc committee may be formed to investigate further and bring recommendations back to the council for further action.  If staff bring problems or issues to the attention of Staff Council that fall within another department’s area, such as Benefits or Human Resources (i.e., sexual harassment) those issues will be forwarded to the appropriate department for resolution, with appropriate feedback as needed.